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Everlasting Light Ministries is here to bring the healing of Jesus Christ to the post-abortion world. Consistent with our mission as post-abortion healing missionaries, we are available to minister world-wide.

We are available for short or long term assignments for all our programs in traditional church settings, or more public venues as are needed.

We use a team approach to ministry and we are sensitive to doing ministry in a way that is supportive of the needs of the local church, and respectful of other ministries and leaders that God may be glorified. We seek to come along side the local church for the purposes of healing the wound left by abortion that keeps the Body of Christ from fulfilling their destiny and the Great Commission.

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All inquiries to Everlasting Light Ministries are strictly confidential. Everlasting Light Ministries has never, nor will we ever, share or sell any information you give us with, or to anyone, unless you inform us in writing and direct us to do the contrary.

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